Sister Wives

Sister Wives is a TV series created for TLC that follows Cody Brown and his four wives as they raise their eighteen children and tackle the challenges associated with their massive family dynamic and the stigma that comes with their way of life.

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Sister Wives
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Kody Brown , madison Brown , Janelle Brown , Tamron Hall , Aspyn Brown , Robyn Brown , Andrea Canning , Gwendlyn Brown , Meri Brown , Logan Brown , Christine Brown , Sukanya Kirshnan
Main Genre
Doug Monroe, Callan Griffiths, Richard Alexander Walkling, Anthony Derosa, Matthew Thompson, Ray Farmer
Filming Locations
Nevada, Utah, Arizona
Main Characters
Timothy Gibbons, Kirk Streb, Deanie Wilcher, Christopher Poole, Bill Hayes
Deanie Wilcher
Production Company
Puddle Monkey Productions, Figure 8 Films
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Sister Wives follows the brown family, which observes polygamist practices. Headed by Kody Brown as the father, he and his four wives and their 18 children have moved across the United States, from Utah to Nevada and Arizona. Kody and his wives have secret marriages, as polygamy is illegal. Still, the show follows the family as it covers the trials and tribulations of four wives that split their familial duties of themselves amongst one husband and eighteen children. The children themselves are a significant focus of Sister Wives, as it also focuses on the challenges the children face due to their home life. Sister Wives attempts to dispel negative stereotypes around polygamy, as it aired around 2010 when the general public commonly discussed the topic in the United States. The four Brown wives agreed to participate in the show to accomplish this goal, and TLC continues to chronicle the family's life over a decade later.


Sister Wives' Kody Brown and Robyn 1
Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Seems “Disgusted” By Robyn’s Crying, According To Fans

Sister Wives star Kody Brown may have one wife left in his family, but according to fans of the show he's not happy with the way Robyn Brown behaves.

Montage of Mykelti and Maddie from Sister Wives in front of bookshelves 1
Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Kicks Off 2024 By Throwing Shade At Her Father Kody

Sister Wives cast member Madison Brown Brush aka Maddie is letting her true feelings about father Kody Brown known in her New Year's Day 2024 update.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown with his hands on his face, looking exasperated 1
Kody Brown Boldly Compares Sister Wives Breakups To "Shakespearean Tragedy"

Sister Wives lead Kody Brown is lamenting over the past and the simpler times while calling the collapse of his marriages a Shakespearean tragedy.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives wearing a cool t-shirt to show off short haircut. In the background are faded photos of Meri with an orange purple faded effect 1
Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Introduces New Addition To Family After Kody Split

Meri Brown from Sister Wives is dedicated to moving on after calling it quits with Kody Brown. She introduces her new family member to her followers.

Sister Wives' David Woolley with Christine Brown in the background 1
Sister Wives: David Woolley's First Wife Passed Away (What Happened To Her?)

Christine Brown's new husband, David Woolley, was married before he tied the knot with the Sister Wives star. Who was she?

Sister Wives David Woolley and Kody Brown's heads on top of characters Beavis and Butthead's bodies in comic background 1
Sister Wives: David Woolley's Feud With "Dumbass" Kody Brown Explained

Sister Wives' Christine Brown's husband, David Woolley, didn't hold back when he called her ex a "dumbass" even before meeting Kody Brown.

Sister Wives_ Christine Brown Reveals What She Wanted In A Partner Before Meeting David 1
Sister Wives: Christine Brown Reveals What She Wanted In A Partner Before Meeting David

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was looking for a man with specific traits, and she found in David Woolley after her failed marriage to Kody Brown.

Sister Wives_ Kody Shocks By Revealing Ex-Wife He'll Stay Close To Despite Split 1
Sister Wives: Kody Shocks By Revealing Ex-Wife He'll Stay Close To Despite Split

Sister Wives cast member Kody Brown wants to maintain a close relationship with this particular ex-wife. He knows she can count on her.

Sister Wives montage of Meri, Christine and Janelle with Kody at the forefront 1
Sister Wives: Is Meri, Christine & Janelle's Weight Loss A Revenge Body Thing (Are They Trying To Make Kody Jealous?)

Sister Wives Meri, Christine, and Janelle have been working on their personal development and health since splitting from Kody. They look amazing.

Christine Brown Sister Wives montage with flames 1
Sister Wives: 8 Signs Christine Brown's In Her Villain Era (She's Doing It Intentionally)

Sister Wives star Christine Brown may be in her villain era, but she's doing things more intentionally than ever after her split from Kody Brown.

Ysabel and Kody from Sister Wives montage with two different backgrounds  1
Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown A Good Dad To Ysabel Brown? (He Skipped Her Scoliosis Surgery)

Sister Wives season 18 star Kody Brown failed his daughter Ysabel Brown when it mattered the most. Is the controversial patriarch sorry?

Montage of Sister WIves' Kody Brown, with his hands over his mouth 1
Kody Brown Demands This Sister Wives Star To Take Accountability For Her Part In Marriage's Demise

While watching a scene from Sister Wives season 18, Kody Brown says that one of his first three wives must take ownership of her actions.

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown, with Meri, Christine and Janelle Brown lined up behind her 1
Sister Wives: The 8 Worst Things Kody's Exes Have Said About Robyn Brown Ranked

Kody Brown's exes have been indirect about their dislike for Robyn Brown on Sister Wives, but here are some of the worst things they've said.

Christine Brown Exposes Stunning Sister Wives Secret & Meri Is “Beyond Frustrated” 1
Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Reveals How Many Times She’s Spoken To Meri Since Kody Split

Sister Wives Christine Brown has always been honest about her life, especially when it comes to the Brown family and her interactions with Meri.

Sister Wives Kody Brown in suit looking concerned while his ex wives Janelle, Christine, and Meri appear in the background 1
Sister Wives' Kody Brown Reveals If He's Pro-Plural Marriage After Christine, Janelle & Meri Splits

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown explains his true feelings about polygamy after falling into a monogamous marriage with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown with his hands on his face, looking exasperated 1
Robyn Brown Tries To Shut Kody Up After Sister Wives Star Goes On Tirade Against Fan

A preview of Sister Wives Talk Back shows Robyn Brown trying to calm Kody Brown down when he loses his temper while replying to a fan’s comment.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown, with Christine, Janelle and Meri in the background 1
Kody Brown Lashes Out At Producer When Asked About This Sister Wives Star

In a preview for the upcoming Sister Wives look back at season 18 Kody Brown lashed out at a producer for asking him about his big fight with Janelle.

Sister Wives’ Kody & Robyn Brown looking serious 1
Kody & Robyn Brown Might Renew Their Vows Soon, According To Sister Wives Fan Theory

Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn Brown may have happy news to share with reality TV viewers, according to a shocking theory by Sister Wives fans.

Sister Wives 2023 One On One - All The Explosive Drama Unpacked 1
Sister Wives 2023 One On One - All The Explosive Drama Unpacked

Sister Wives: One On One unpacked the most shocking moments of Sister Wives season 18 including all Kody's most dramatic reveals on his relationships.

Montage of Kody and Christine Brown from Sister Wives looking serious 1
Sister Wives: Kody Finally Reveals Real Reason He Couldn't Break Up With Christine

Sister Wives lead Kody Brown is revealing the real reason he couldn't split with Christine Brown before she decided to end their 26-year marriage.

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